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Macau Casinos registers best winnings in almost 2 years

In Macau, three dozen casinos accounted their gaming revenue of US$ 2.4 billion back in February, 2016 – a number that was almost unchanged from a year ago, said the city’s government on Tuesday.

As per a report from Las Vegas Review-Journal, the fall of less than 1% year-over-over is the firmest performance for the casinos in twenty-one months. Gaming victory fell by more than 21% in January that was the twentieth straight month that gaming victory went down year-over-year.
The gaming revenue of the city went down 34% year-over-year to US$ 29 billion in the year 2015. It was the 2nd year of less gaming revenue than year before that. In 2013, Macau had a record $45.2 billion gaming revenue. The city’s gaming revenue has been forecast to go down by another 8% in the year 2016, as per a report from Bloomberg, though the performance in February could bode well for this year. February did have an extra day because of leap year.


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HPO Lawrenceburg Regional Main Event to take place this weekend

Hollywood Poker Open’s Season 4 started previous week with the Regional stop at the Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg in Indiana.

That stop, this weekend ends with the US$ 1115 Main Event.
Donnie Peters, the Editor-in-Chief of PokerNews, stated that the third season the Hollywood Poker Open was the tour’s biggest yet, and it is only going to grow. Lawrenceburg would be the start of the 4th season, and you would look to start playing these events in order to offer yourself the best scope to qualify for the Hollywood Poker Open Championship next summer that will take place in Las Vegas. He added that PokerNews is excited to be offering live coverage of the HPO’s forthcoming season and they expect to see poker fans at all of the stops, starting with this one.