Ana-Maria Cosma, a female renowned poker player

Ana-Maria Cosma was born in Romania. She is not a professional player of poker. She is famous poker player in Romania. She played only few poker tournaments. She cashed total 3 times poker tournaments. She finished in 2nd place of No-Limit Hold’Em tournament which is only for ladies in 2013 and she earned cash prize of $7,303 in that event. In 2012 she finished in 14th place of Hold’Em 8 handed turbo tournament and she earned cash prize of $5,300 in that event. In 2013 he finished in 5th place of no limit Hold’Em turbo tournament and earned cash prize of $2,274.

Ana-Maria Cosma played very few poker tournaments. Her total of winning cash prizes is only $12,937. She played only online poker tournaments. She does not have any record World Series of poker tournaments. She does not have any record in World poker tour tournaments. She does not have any record in European poker tournaments. She played online poker tournaments on ‘PokerStar’ and she cashed only 3 times in that events. She does not have any record in Asian poker tour. She is not a regular poker player. She plays poker as her hobby. She is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. Till now she didn’t got any seat in World Series of poker tournaments. She played only local poker tournaments.

Ana-Maria Cosma is quiet and aggressive player of poker. Her dressing style is also very simple. She does not use any complex techniques while playing poker tournaments but she takes lot of time while playing poker. She is not a successful poker player. She spend lots of her time in other activities instead of playing poker because she didn’t want to make her career in poker and she plays in poker tournaments as she like poker very much. Ana-Maria Cosma learned poker from books on poker. She read many books on poker written by various writers as well as she watches poker tournaments on TV and then she started playing poker in poker tournaments.

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Youthful Michael Binger has a Promising Poker Future

The rise of young players to the pedestals of top-notch professionals has become the new trend in an overly dynamic gambling industry. These players ostensibly invest much time and resources to get to High Roller events where they can make high-stakes bets. Michael Binger resides in Las Vegas and has climbed to the poker glory level by participating in famed global poker tournaments. He has enriched his resume with various accomplishments, including 76 cashes at WSOP, six first position finishes and has amassed $7,108,892 in all his tournament events as of 2014. Nevertheless, the reason why he is a significant fixture is due to his vibrant participation in numerous global events where he has performed flawlessly.

Michael’s recent good ranking was his 353rd place, alongside $29,400 in the 45 WSOP 2014 Event 65 NLHE. The July 2, 2013 Deep Stack Extravaganza 3 No-Limit Hold’em saw him shovel in $27,731 and ranked 4th. In 2012, he had gained $16,801 during the 43 WSOP 2012 Event 39 (Pot-Limit Omaha), ranking 28th. In the same year, June 4th 43 WSOP Event 11, he was 44th and brought in $5,657. However, with his much involvement in the WSOP events, he has been eluded by the bracelet. His greatest performance was at the 42nd WSOP (H.O.R.SE) Tournament where he emerged 7th and made $78,328.

On the contrary, his play at online casinos has been tremendous as he placed 4th at the 2011 PCA Season Eight where he got $50,000. On January that year, he had ranked 117th and went home with $20,000 at a No Limit Hold’em main event. With his tremendous performance at High Roller events, this player’ records cannot be cast away when one is discussing top-notch poker professionals. Distinctively, his moves surmise prosperity will unfold in the course of his poker career.

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Nick Schulman-Poker professional holding 2 bracelets and also a WPT title

When you think of the games to play so, you can never forget the option of playing Poker. Playing Poker is everything for those who have the desire or the craze to play it so. Thinking of the players across who are professionals? You may never forget the player who is Nick Schulman familiar for the handling of the cards and bagged the bracelets 2 in numbers. He has also bagged the title of WPT>

Nick Schulman was born on September 18th 1984. The player is the American poker professional. The player is Jewish, whereby he was grown up in city of New York, and started his career by playing pool in billiards. He was given the mentoring and was even taught by several of the players, when he was just 13. The player was given the nickname as Takeover, whereby he resides now at New York. The player is familiar for his holding of 2 bracelets in the event, WSOP, and also a World poker tour title too. He is yet to make the European Poker Tour.

As Takeover:

He has also made 10 final tables as well as the money finishes of 22 in number in WSOP, whereby he has also made 3 final tables as well as the money finishes of 9 in number in WPT. In European Poker Tour, he has also made 2 money finishes. It was by the year 2009, he won his first bracelet in $ 10, 000 Deuce to Seven Lowball World Championship (No Limit) and by the year 2012, he turned winning the very same event too.  By the year 2005, he has achieved by making the success by winning $10, 000 World Poker Finals. He was the youngest player to win the WPT event.