Aaron Kanter : A star poker player

He is a player who has played for World Series of poker tournament, world poker tournament. He is a player who has $2,458,583cashes on his name. He is a player who has large number of titles and championship on his name. There are large numbers of record and tiles in domestic poker player. He has 2 bracelets and 4 final tables on his name. He is a player who played for many world poker series. He is a player who has large number of fans. He is a player who has not played yet any European poker game.

In world poker tournament he has played for world poker tour. He is a player who has large record in domestic that is why he is famous poker player in all the poker games. He has been selected as champions and titles player for many poker game at all levels. He is a player who has good records as compared to the European poker tournament.

He is successful player of poker outside the America. He tried to give information of poker to all peoples by using his own website. In this all details of poker game are provided such as technical details and other kind of details. He shifted to America as poker is mostly famous and played in America. He does not played many poker tournaments when he was in France, after shifting he become regular player of poker. He has technical good strategy to make game in his court. He has large fan followers all over the world. His style of playing and making opponent poker player is worth watching. He is a player who strives hard in his free time to make his game a better and best. He is player of great talent and tribute.

Scotty Nguyen at the 2010 HPT Championship Open

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Poker After Dark Season 3 – Episode 01 – Dream Table Pt.1

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Barry Greenstein-Poker possesses 3 bracelets and 2 WPT titles

When you plan a game to be played, there are really a lot many choices too. You can consider a game to give you the relaxed feel that can constantly give you so. But, any game is to be played by following the rule, where rule matters the most. When you think of a game like Poker, you can always know the rules or the tactics to handle the cards, which can make you win the game by earning fame, glory etc. The poker professional like Barry can handle it perfectly, where Barry holds 3 bracelets.

Barry Greenstein is the player who is knowable for his winning of the bracelet 3 in numbers. The player was born in Illinois, and thus this American is such a philanthropist who contributes his winnings to the charities mainly and also to the children, who are required of special needs. Thus the player is given the title that is nickname as Robin Hood of the Poker. The player was nominated to the Poker hall of fame by 2011. The player is a graduate majoring in Computer Science, and also the player is known for his doing of PhD in the subject Maths.

Such a Philanthropist and humanist too:

The player is also known for his writings Ace on The River, whereby the copy of this book is given to those players who has the stuff of eliminating himself while engaged in playing Poker.  The player also joined a company named as Symantec to earn some more funds to get further opportunity to adopt children, and quit the company when he was aged 36. The player has 4 stepchildren along with his 2 children. The player has played the main events, and has turned winning the bracelets in 2004, 05 and in 08.

Poker After Dark Season 3 – Episode 01 – Dream Table Pt.2

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Ana-Maria Cosma, a female renowned poker player

Ana-Maria Cosma was born in Romania. She is not a professional player of poker. She is famous poker player in Romania. She played only few poker tournaments. She cashed total 3 times poker tournaments. She finished in 2nd place of No-Limit Hold’Em tournament which is only for ladies in 2013 and she earned cash prize of $7,303 in that event. In 2012 she finished in 14th place of Hold’Em 8 handed turbo tournament and she earned cash prize of $5,300 in that event. In 2013 he finished in 5th place of no limit Hold’Em turbo tournament and earned cash prize of $2,274.

Ana-Maria Cosma played very few poker tournaments. Her total of winning cash prizes is only $12,937. She played only online poker tournaments. She does not have any record World Series of poker tournaments. She does not have any record in World poker tour tournaments. She does not have any record in European poker tournaments. She played online poker tournaments on ‘PokerStar’ and she cashed only 3 times in that events. She does not have any record in Asian poker tour. She is not a regular poker player. She plays poker as her hobby. She is more interested in playing online poker tournaments. Till now she didn’t got any seat in World Series of poker tournaments. She played only local poker tournaments.

Ana-Maria Cosma is quiet and aggressive player of poker. Her dressing style is also very simple. She does not use any complex techniques while playing poker tournaments but she takes lot of time while playing poker. She is not a successful poker player. She spend lots of her time in other activities instead of playing poker because she didn’t want to make her career in poker and she plays in poker tournaments as she like poker very much. Ana-Maria Cosma learned poker from books on poker. She read many books on poker written by various writers as well as she watches poker tournaments on TV and then she started playing poker in poker tournaments.