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Nick Schulman-Poker professional holding 2 bracelets and also a WPT title

When you think of the games to play so, you can never forget the option of playing Poker. Playing Poker is everything for those who have the desire or the craze to play it so. Thinking of the players across who are professionals? You may never forget the player who is Nick Schulman familiar for the handling of the cards and bagged the bracelets 2 in numbers. He has also bagged the title of WPT>

Nick Schulman was born on September 18th 1984. The player is the American poker professional. The player is Jewish, whereby he was grown up in city of New York, and started his career by playing pool in billiards. He was given the mentoring and was even taught by several of the players, when he was just 13. The player was given the nickname as Takeover, whereby he resides now at New York. The player is familiar for his holding of 2 bracelets in the event, WSOP, and also a World poker tour title too. He is yet to make the European Poker Tour.

As Takeover:

He has also made 10 final tables as well as the money finishes of 22 in number in WSOP, whereby he has also made 3 final tables as well as the money finishes of 9 in number in WPT. In European Poker Tour, he has also made 2 money finishes. It was by the year 2009, he won his first bracelet in $ 10, 000 Deuce to Seven Lowball World Championship (No Limit) and by the year 2012, he turned winning the very same event too.  By the year 2005, he has achieved by making the success by winning $10, 000 World Poker Finals. He was the youngest player to win the WPT event.

Scotty Nguyen Poker Player-Holding 5 numbers of bracelets

When you consider the games across the world, it includes many games which gain interest and also some games fail to entertain you. When you think of the world’s best games, it may never fail to add Poker, as it’s the game played by n number of players and also professional players who engage in playing the game not for cash prizes but for the interest they have got for the game. You get the point? One such professional player includes Scotty Nguyen. He is much knowable for the presence of 5 WSOP bracelets by winning the game. Scotty Nguyen was born on October 28th 1962. He is a Vietnamese American Poker professional. He holds the fame of becoming the very first player to have won both $50,000 Player’s Championship and also WSOP main events.

The Fish:

The player was born in the country of Vietnam, and he moved along with his family to the United States of America by the age of 14. He was earlier employed as card dealer in Harrah’s Poker room. He loses money in the gambling; therefore he calls himself as the Fish, even then for engaging in the act of playing. He was lucky enough to move Lake Tahoe as he was invited there to engage in a deal in no-limit Hold’em tournament by the year 1985. He was called in the nickname as The train and also called as The Prince of Poker. Scotty was knowable for holding the 5 bracelets in the WSOP events which include 2 in the year of 2001, and also 1 in these years 1997, 1998 and in 2008, respectively. He has made several World Poker Final Tables, whereby Scotty defeated Michael Mizrachi in the WPT event happened in 2006. It was in 2008, he has also won the H.O.R.S.E event too.

Unforgettable World Series Of Poker Confrontations

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The Grand 2014 Spring Poker Open at Borgata

Open championships are an important part of any sort of game. Poker is no different Championships are held to bring out hidden talents and they kindle the fire within talented players. The prize money is another attractive incentive to excel in the game which encourages young players. Like every year, the grand Spring Poker Open will take place at Borgata this year.

Poker news features that the Borgata Hotel casino and spa has forwarded the schedule of the game for the 2014 Spring Open. The 51 event tournament will begin from April 8, 2014 and will continue till April 26 brought forth by the $15,400 World Poker Tour Championship. After conducting the 11 series at Bellagio in Las Vegas, the WPT Championship will be held at Borgata for the first time. Also never before was the prize money reduced from $25,000 to $15,400. Re-entries shall be allowed on the second Day 1 flight. The Championship will be funded by partypoker and showcases a sure prize pool of $5 million.

The WPT President, Adam Pliska said that he has full faith on Borgata which has been world recognized for successful execution of Poker events and making the Poker players feel at home. Pliska further hopes that the WPT at Borgata will gain much acclaim. The tournament opens on April 8 and the opening series will admit re-entries at the time of three starting flights. In the last month, $560 opening play off drew in over 4000 runners but unfortunately, the rest of the matches were cancelled by the members due to forgery of chips.

Other WPT attractions on the Spring Poker Open schedule are a $2,700 BSO Championship Event ($1 million surety); a $1,090 Six-Max No-Limit Hold them Re-Entry ($100,000 guaranteed); and a $300 Big Stack No-Limit Hold them Re-Entry ($100,000 surety).

Over a dozen will take part in the BSO Championship and the WPT championship. Qualifiers can get an opportunity to contest against some of the world class poker players.