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Mark Newhouse: The most handsome poker player

He is basically from United States. He has born on 11th march 1985 and he is one of the youngest players of poker who have just entered in this career but they have got good achievements. He has started playing from his college days on small scale in his house only afterword’s about a half year he started to play on high scale and professionally. He has won $3,461,761 winning in his career and 3 career title and 44 cashes.

Mark has played in every series which were WP, WSOP, and EPT. In which he has performed best in WPT he has won $1.8 million in this series and 5 cashes which is the best deal with WPT and he went one time at final table and he has won championship in this series which is the great achievement in this WPT after Second ne comes to WSOP.In world series of poker he has won $1.7 million in series and he has won 8 cashes and he went to 3 time at final tables but bad luckily he doesn’t own any bracelet. Read more »

Unforgettable World Series Of Poker Confrontations

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WSOP 1998 Final Hand – Main Event World Series of Poker – Kevin McBride vs Scotty Nguyen

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2012 World Series of Poker Vignette – Nguyen

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World Series of Poker 2009 Interview with Scotty Nguyen

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1998 World Series of Poker Final Table – Scotty Nguyen vs Kevid McBride

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