2016, Progress Year For US Poker

The United States Poker industry was hopeful that something positive will come out in their favor.

But, to their disappointment, no states of US were given the green signal to hold online gambling games in their borders. Means, no state got the permission to legalize poker or other online gambling game.

However, it is not like 2016 was a dry year for the poker industry. On the contrary, many things happened, the topics were discussed and progress was done. In several states, discussion on the matter of legalizing the poker game was made reached to the level of acceptance.

In California, people were trying to legalize poker in the state, but the efforts got failed. However, in late July, the online poker bill of California AB 2863 passed the Committee state on Appropriations. The bill reached the floor of the full Assembly for the first time. Nevertheless, the measured did not bring any fruitful result in the year. But, it will not be wrong to say that, momentum in legalization of poker in the state happened.

Another state that was struggling for legalization of poker online game is Pennsylvania. Though, no major announcement has been made with regards to this matter. But, legalization of online gambling games and poker is almost to the level of finalization and people are expecting the positive response soon. However, the state still has to wait for some more time to enjoy poker and other gambling game on mobile.

New York too is fighting to make poker a legal game and some positive signs have come from the lawmakers with regards to legalization of poker game online.

Poker players are hopeful that in 2017, the state assembly will show some positive move with regards to legalization of poker in the state.