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Sign Up Of First Poker Client By GiG

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The Gaming Innovation Group is glad to announce that it has included in its B2B portfolio post signing up its poker client for the first time. The company will offer its product to its client OneTimePoker starting from the 1st quarter in 2019. The Gaming Innovation Group also is known as GiG said its partnership with an external poker client is going to be a milestone. It took 3 years for the deal to be successful after an agreement was signed with the Microgaming Poker Network to provide poker to B2B operators through its GiG Core medium. GiG will provide both casinos in poker and poker and the players can play either with other players or against the casino. The same would be operated by MPN and 3rd party casino through GiG Core.

The chief executive of GiG Robin Reed, during the deal discussion with OneTimePoker, said he is looking forward to support its brand expansion into other product verticals of GiG within the ecosystem in 2019. By doing so, the poker community will be provided with ready access to their entertainment requirements. GiG Core launched in 2015 with its own brands Guts and Betspin and they were the first brands to operate on the platform. There are over 40 brands signed to this platform from the launch date. Towards the end of 2017, around 34 brands began to operate on this platform.

New Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker Game Launched

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Evolution gaming, as a top provider of Live Casino gaming solutions, is continually creating exciting and new gaming options for operators to use that will draw players in. This Latvia-based company has made the announcement recently that they have launched a new online Live Casino game and the name of the game is Live Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker (LTHBP). This new game of is the one of its kind and also the first. It will provide players access to a progressive jackpot, which is known as First Five, and it will start at €50,000.

The new game has been created by Evolution Gaming firm in association with Games Marketing. Many games of company are already present in the market and they offer a huge collection of live table games within their portfolio. This new game has increased its portfolio as well as the market range.

Church Pastor Convicted Of Robbery

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A church pastor tried his luck several times at an off strip casino in Las Vegas. The later part of October the police arrested Gregory Bolusan who was found guilty of trying to rob property at the M Resort casino of Penn National Gaming. He even brandished a phony gun and demanded in cash from the casino cashier. This incident is remarkable on many accounts. For one, such an act of a local pastor is appalling. It is also not the first time he showcased such behavior since he has made similar attempts in past months. In the first incident in August he was unsuccessful as the cashier at the casino he tried to rob did not cooperate. He tried the same stint in September and was successful in running away with some cash. In October he tried a similar stint. As a result this time the casino staffs were alert and Bolusan was easily caught by the police. He is said to be a senior pastor at the Grace Bible Church in Las Vegas.


As per security surveillance reports he drove the same car and used the same clothing in all three incidents that made it easy to catch him. Even at the last heist that he attempted on October 28th he did little to differentiate himself.

Scotty Nguyen Talks About His Legacy

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Scotty Nguyen is a very popular poker player and has one of the best careers in this game.

He has won lots of money and bracelets, playing poker, but he is not one who boasts of this achievement. What he is looking to leave behind is his legacy. He is thrilled to bits when he wants to give talks about the legacy.

Scotty made the world’s attention turn towards him at the 1999 WSOP Main Event when he got the better of Kevin McBride to purse $1million in prize money and the coveted bracelet. He has amassed a total of 5 bracelets in his career and his name would be etched in the best poker players list.

Nguyen was also looking to win a 6th bracelet at the $10,000 H.O.R.S.E. Championship in 2015 when he got a chance to enter the final table in the 6th position. There is no doubt that he is very hungry despite all his achievements and is looking at all opportunities to win another bracelet. (more…)

2016, Progress Year For US Poker

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The United States Poker industry was hopeful that something positive will come out in their favor.

But, to their disappointment, no states of US were given the green signal to hold online gambling games in their borders. Means, no state got the permission to legalize poker or other online gambling game.

However, it is not like 2016 was a dry year for the poker industry. On the contrary, many things happened, the topics were discussed and progress was done. In several states, discussion on the matter of legalizing the poker game was made reached to the level of acceptance.

In California, people were trying to legalize poker in the state, but the efforts got failed. However, in late July, the online poker bill of California AB 2863 passed the Committee state on Appropriations. The bill reached the floor of the full Assembly for the first time. Nevertheless, the measured did not bring any fruitful result in the year. But, it will not be wrong to say that, momentum in legalization of poker in the state happened. (more…)

Poker Scene In New Jersey

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The online poker scene is vibrant in New Jersey.

As the Thanksgiving season came by, many avid online poker players such as David Coleman, Daniel Lupo and Daniel Buzgon were getting chances to make big wins in the online poker scene. Lupo, also known by the nickname “centrfieldr”, was able to bag the first prize, which was about the amount of $13,500. It was part of the Ultimate Warrior series that was played out. Coleman, on the other hand, plays with the code name of coles93. He was able to make big wins in the Sunday Special. Daniel Buzgon on the other hand, as able to get to third position on the final table.

These were major tournaments that PokerStars had on their NJ web site. There was a discount offered on the entry fee as well, which was fifty percent, while the guaranteed prize pool was kept the same. The Half Price Week was indeed exciting for the different players who participated. (more…)