Four Amateur Welshmen Heading For Las Vegas

Four amateur poker players from Wales are getting ready to head to Las Vegas to play in a premier tournament and to win big.

These four men are ordinary men with a love for the poker game. They are from various walks of life. One is a car park attendant, the second one is a retiree, the third one is a steelworker and the fourth one is a scaffolding firm manager.

These four Welshmen are one among the top 100 out of the 200,000 amateurs who got a chance to enter the final competition in Las Vegas after putting U Pa Stupendous showing the VEGAS100 tournament held all over the UK.

The 31-year-old steelworker Richard Webb is excited to make it to Las Vegas and started playing poker in the local pubs. He says that he is happy to have qualified for Las Vegas as this shows that he knows a thing or two about the game. To play in Las Vegas was high on his bucket list and his dream is turning into a reality soon.

The car park attendant Jason Phillips is also excited about the prospects of playing in Las Vegas. He started playing online poker about 15 years ago and is happy that he will be locking horns with some of the best in the business. He says that he is a poker enthusiast and love playing it every week. He has also won a lot of money playing the game.

The retiree Gary Rosser is over the moon thinking about the prospects of playing in Las Vegas. He will be playing in the Las Vegas tournament for the second time. The scaffolding firm manager John Godwin was happy to win the Cardiff event last year that gave him direct entry to take part in the Las Vegas event. He is looking forward to making it big at the Las Vegas event.