2016, Progress Year For US Poker

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The United States Poker industry was hopeful that something positive will come out in their favor.

But, to their disappointment, no states of US were given the green signal to hold online gambling games in their borders. Means, no state got the permission to legalize poker or other online gambling game.

However, it is not like 2016 was a dry year for the poker industry. On the contrary, many things happened, the topics were discussed and progress was done. In several states, discussion on the matter of legalizing the poker game was made reached to the level of acceptance.

In California, people were trying to legalize poker in the state, but the efforts got failed. However, in late July, the online poker bill of California AB 2863 passed the Committee state on Appropriations. The bill reached the floor of the full Assembly for the first time. Nevertheless, the measured did not bring any fruitful result in the year. But, it will not be wrong to say that, momentum in legalization of poker in the state happened. (more…)

Poker Scene In New Jersey

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The online poker scene is vibrant in New Jersey.

As the Thanksgiving season came by, many avid online poker players such as David Coleman, Daniel Lupo and Daniel Buzgon were getting chances to make big wins in the online poker scene. Lupo, also known by the nickname “centrfieldr”, was able to bag the first prize, which was about the amount of $13,500. It was part of the Ultimate Warrior series that was played out. Coleman, on the other hand, plays with the code name of coles93. He was able to make big wins in the Sunday Special. Daniel Buzgon on the other hand, as able to get to third position on the final table.

These were major tournaments that PokerStars had on their NJ web site. There was a discount offered on the entry fee as well, which was fifty percent, while the guaranteed prize pool was kept the same. The Half Price Week was indeed exciting for the different players who participated. (more…)

Poker In Pennsylvania Raked $4.9m

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In the month of August, the Poker Rooms in Pennsylvania State raked $4.0 million as per the figures stated by the Gaming Control Board of the state.

About 226 poker tables were present across states between 10 poker rooms. The state has brick and mortar casinos that were 12 in numbers and 2 of they do not have traditional poker games. The casinos altogether paid $691000 towards state taxes on the rake of 4.9 million. This rake remained unchanged starting from July and slightly down from $5 million raked in 2015. There was the inclusion of 2 tables in the state every year.

The poker market in the state of Pennsylvania has experienced good growth. This is mainly because the casinos accounted $58.4 million in the revenue of poker towards the end of fiscal year of 2015/16 in June. The figures were a bit high from $56.5million in rake accumulated in fiscal year 2014/15 for poker. The poker revenue in Pennsylvania in the month of August was relatively better in comparison with New Jersey as it raked $4.5 million. New Jersey had earned $2 million through online poker and the lawmakers of Pennsylvania are focusing on the legalization of online poker this year. (more…)

Macau Casinos registers best winnings in almost 2 years

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In Macau, three dozen casinos accounted their gaming revenue of US$ 2.4 billion back in February, 2016 – a number that was almost unchanged from a year ago, said the city’s government on Tuesday.

As per a report from Las Vegas Review-Journal, the fall of less than 1% year-over-over is the firmest performance for the casinos in twenty-one months. Gaming victory fell by more than 21% in January that was the twentieth straight month that gaming victory went down year-over-year.
The gaming revenue of the city went down 34% year-over-year to US$ 29 billion in the year 2015. It was the 2nd year of less gaming revenue than year before that. In 2013, Macau had a record $45.2 billion gaming revenue. The city’s gaming revenue has been forecast to go down by another 8% in the year 2016, as per a report from Bloomberg, though the performance in February could bode well for this year. February did have an extra day because of leap year.


HPO Lawrenceburg Regional Main Event to take place this weekend

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Hollywood Poker Open’s Season 4 started previous week with the Regional stop at the Hollywood Casino Lawrenceburg in Indiana.

That stop, this weekend ends with the US$ 1115 Main Event.
Donnie Peters, the Editor-in-Chief of PokerNews, stated that the third season the Hollywood Poker Open was the tour’s biggest yet, and it is only going to grow. Lawrenceburg would be the start of the 4th season, and you would look to start playing these events in order to offer yourself the best scope to qualify for the Hollywood Poker Open Championship next summer that will take place in Las Vegas. He added that PokerNews is excited to be offering live coverage of the HPO’s forthcoming season and they expect to see poker fans at all of the stops, starting with this one.


‘The Magician’ Esfandiari Associated With Poker Central As Its Partner

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Poker Central is upcoming television network that is expected to be launched any time soon, and now, a couple of days on 6 May, Antonio who is also known as the “The Magician’ Esfandiari associated with this coming soon television network as its  partner.

The Poker Central discloses this secret through an announcement made in a press released. Before it, last week, Daniel Negreanu also joined this television network. Esfandiari is a man who is known as the poker enthusiast as well as for his unpredictable nature and good humor.

He is such a poker player that is also known for winning as big amount of money as no other poker player in history of the game ever won; the game was World Series of Poker Big One for One Drop; he participated in this game in 2012 and won $18,346,673. This was the event that makes this poker player a central image in the Poker Work.

The Poker Central as expected is very keyed up with the partnership with the great poker player. The schedule for all day and night of the poker programming is under process, and it will soon be released by the end of this year i.e. 2015. (more…)