Poker Scene In New Jersey

The online poker scene is vibrant in New Jersey.

As the Thanksgiving season came by, many avid online poker players such as David Coleman, Daniel Lupo and Daniel Buzgon were getting chances to make big wins in the online poker scene. Lupo, also known by the nickname “centrfieldr”, was able to bag the first prize, which was about the amount of $13,500. It was part of the Ultimate Warrior series that was played out. Coleman, on the other hand, plays with the code name of coles93. He was able to make big wins in the Sunday Special. Daniel Buzgon on the other hand, as able to get to third position on the final table.

These were major tournaments that PokerStars had on their NJ web site. There was a discount offered on the entry fee as well, which was fifty percent, while the guaranteed prize pool was kept the same. The Half Price Week was indeed exciting for the different players who participated.

The promotions were successful and the prize pools were increased over the weeks. The promotion that was held on Sunday was taken advantage of by David Coleman. He outlasted as many as six hundred entrants. The Half Price Sunday special made good use of by him.

PokerStars is known to offer different games and events on the NJ portal. Indeed, the state’s online poker scene became vibrant after PokerStars obtained license to operate in these markets. The NJ operations of this website started off from March 2016. Since then the state’s online poker scene has picked up considerably. Even though cash liquidity has remained low this time, however, competition has stepped up among the different websites. As a result, many smaller websites have also been seeing greater participation on their forums. There are more revenue earnings to be held by March 2017 in the forthcoming year.