Scotty Nguyen flops quads at the WSOP

Scotty Nguyen Movie Ranking: 5 / 5


  1. N0N5T0P says:

    but thats true. it actually happened to me. had to look back at my hand like 5 times before realizing that i had the 7 of clubs both in my hand and on the flop :p

  2. RMmustang20 says:

    since when do they allow beached whales to play poker? holy shit 0:20

  3. rafizkk says:

    lol wtf is this line is everywhere!

  4. Mr6Feyenoord says:

    Juanda had treeps

  5. TheKingKarlo says:

    It’s actually fun watching Scotty when he’s not drunk out of his mind

  6. cjsalmonson says:

    He’ll probably sit on the nuts

  7. ManiacPoker says:

    The horror of being short stacked, couldn’t afford to test the waters before jumping all in.

  8. TheTveatbjorn says:

    the 3 first cards that comes out is called “flop” de fourth card is called the “turn” and the last card is called the “river”.

  9. joebuckfan says:

    “If a 9 comes on the river, its a foul deck”
    Norman Chad

  10. MrIkbob says:

    the magic potato took me here : D i don’t even remember XD

  11. Cdub2k says:

    He’s da Prince of Poker Bay Bee

  12. TheJkenz123 says:

    how did u even get here lol

  13. tarzaniac9 says:

    the flop is the first 3 community cars that the dealer turns over

  14. MrIkbob says:

    don’t know much about poker, how is it a flop?

  15. thabitchkillah says: