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Church Pastor Convicted Of Robbery

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A church pastor tried his luck several times at an off strip casino in Las Vegas. The later part of October the police arrested Gregory Bolusan who was found guilty of trying to rob property at the M Resort casino of Penn National Gaming. He even brandished a phony gun and demanded in cash from the casino cashier. This incident is remarkable on many accounts. For one, such an act of a local pastor is appalling. It is also not the first time he showcased such behavior since he has made similar attempts in past months. In the first incident in August he was unsuccessful as the cashier at the casino he tried to rob did not cooperate. He tried the same stint in September and was successful in running away with some cash. In October he tried a similar stint. As a result this time the casino staffs were alert and Bolusan was easily caught by the police. He is said to be a senior pastor at the Grace Bible Church in Las Vegas.


As per security surveillance reports he drove the same car and used the same clothing in all three incidents that made it easy to catch him. Even at the last heist that he attempted on October 28th he did little to differentiate himself.